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Playlist 14 June 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Soulhenge A New Dawn Fragments (self-released)
2 Kill The Innocent Call Of The Wildman Ayahuasca Thousand Times
3 Acrania People Of The Blaze Fearless (self-released)
4 Rito Profanatorio Epitome de la Perversion Grimorios E Invocaciones Desde El Templo De La Perversion Dunkelheit
5 Disorder Golpe De Estado En El Rio Del Olvido Morbid Skull
6 Grieving Mirth Malaugurio Calamitosvs Omine (EP) Loud Rage
7 Corpsia Warfield Order From Chaos (EP) (self-released)
8 Pro-Pain DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Voice Of Rebellion Steamhammer / SPV
9 Sinister Beyond The Unholy Grave Dark Memorials Massacre
10 Trapped Within Burning Machinery Korben Dallas The Filth Element Midnite Collective / Black Voodoo
11 Ecstatic Vision Cross The Divide Sonic Praise Relapse
12 Sacri Monti Sitting Around In A Restless Dream Sacri Monti Tee Pee
13 Juleah Sommertraum Melt Inside The Sun Russian Winter
14 Lothlöryen The Convict Principles Of A Past Tomorrow (self-released)
15 Skinny Lister Trouble On Oxford Street Down On Deptford Broadway Xtra Mile
16 The Hillinoise Nymphetamine My Sleeping Butterfly (EP) Club Inferno
17 Kick Nurse Fist Bucket Horse Conduit (EP) Whosbrain
18 Mörglbl Banjovi Tea Time For Pünks Free Electric Sound
19 Bunny & The Invalid Singers The Invalid Singers The Invalid Singers Bearsuit
20 Alfie Ryner Brain Surgery Brain Surgery Atypeek


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