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Playlist 5 July 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Serrabulho Pornocchio Star Whores Rotten Roll Rex
2 Miles To Perdition Blasphemous Rhapsody Blasphemous Rhapsody (self-released)
3 Ichor Ra'iroa Depths Bastardized
4 The Zygoma Disposal The Lost The Forgotten The Front Agency / Total Deathcore
5 The Zygoma Disposal Black Lung The Forgotten The Front Agency / Total Deathcore
6 Gutalax Fart Fart Away Shit Happens Rotten Roll Rex
7 RazorRape Bitch Butcher Boogie Orgy In Guts Rotten Roll Rex
8 Cloud Rat The Upper World Qliphoth Moment Of Collapse
9 Ultimate Holocaust Gambler's Theatre Blackmail The Nation Earthquake Terror Noise
10 After All Rejection Overruled Rejection Overruled (EP) Sideburn
11 Steel Raiser Inexorable Unstoppable Iron Shield
12 Tau Cross Lazarus Tau Cross Relapse
13 Darkness L.A.W. XXIX (EP) Scare
14 Hiraeth Words To Echo Words To Echo (Single) (self-released)
15 Pyogenesis A Love Once New Has Now Grown Old A Century In The Curse Of Time AFM
16 Defect Designer The Terrible Ageing Accelerator Sleaszy Rider
17 Tourniquet Onward To Freedom Onward To Freedom Pathogenic
18 Tourniquet Drowning In Air Onward To Freedom Pathogenic
19 Tourniquet Let the Wild Just Be Wild Onward To Freedom Pathogenic


Cancer Bats

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