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Playlist 12 July 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Accent Grave People Like Me Accent Grave (EP) (self-released)
2 Disfago Whiskey Breath Disfago Double-7" Witch Ghetto
3 Antigama Used To The Insolent Selfmade God
4 Tulsadoom Skulls Storms Of The Netherworld Nihilistic Empire
5 Archemoron I, The Black Desert Sulphur And Fire Cryptia
6 Bult The Deluge Traitors Inverse / Hobo
7 Thee Maldoror Kollective Mariguanda Devouring The Mountains Vol. II Argonauta
8 District 97 Snow Country In Vaults Laser's Edge
9 November-7 Another Day Awaraxid 7mg (self-released)
10 Sirenia Sons Of The North The Seventh Life Path Napalm
11 Siren Ursine Lineage A Kingdom Aflame Draconum
12 Funerary Coerced Creation Starless Aeon (re-release) Sentient Ruin
13 Leere Bleak Bleak Gravity
14 Obese Red As The Sun Kali Yuga Argonauta
15 Shadowkiller A Price For Freedom Until The War Is Won Pure Steel
16 Architects Of Chaoz How Many Times The League Of Shadows Metalville
17 Architects Of Chaoz Obsidian Black The League Of Shadows Metalville
18 Architects Of Chaoz Apache Fails The League Of Shadows Metalville


Architects Of Chaoz

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