Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 2 August 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Dead Season Zombies Are Swinging Dusting The Rust (EP) (self-released)
2 The Bunny The Bear Love, Trust And Compromise A Liar Wrote This Victory
3 System Overthrow System Overthrow System Overthrow (self-released)
4 Temple Of Gnosis Portae Lvcis Mystervm Magnvm Goathorned
5 The Oath Silent Dreams Consequences Sliptrick
6 Myrkur Skogen Skulle Do M Relapse
7 Valkyrie Mountain Stomp Shadows Relapse
8 Shabda Pharmakon Pharmakon / Pharmakos Argonauta
9 Carousel Buried Alive In Your Arms 2113 Tee Pee
10 Afterpartees Girls Like You Glitterlizard Excelsior
11 Eat The Gun Falling Howlinwood Steamhammer / SPV
12 Hardcore Superstar The Cemetary HCSS Gain
13 Heavens Gate Flashes Best For Sale! Limb Music
14 Mad Max Never Say Never Thunder, Storm And Passion Steamhammer / SPV
15 Pray Of North Bloodline Bloodline (Single) Inverse
16 November-7 Another Day Awaraxid 7mg (self-released)
17 November-7 Acid Life Awaraxid 7mg (self-released)
18 November-7 Alive? Awaraxid 7mg (self-released)



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