Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 27 September 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Tea Party The Black Sea The Ocean At The End InsideOut
2 The Smith Street Band Regular Sex I Scare Myself Sometimes Uncle M / Poison City / SideOneDummy / Cargo
3 Sandlotkids Dramatic Comedy Split Single (with Muncie Girls) Uncle M / Cargo
4 Muncie Girls Pet Cemetary Split Single (with Sandlotkids) Uncle M / Cargo
5 Space Mirrors The Ancient Ones The Street Remains (EP) Atomic Age
6 Atrorum Menschsein Structurae Apathia
7 A Sickness Unto Death The Atonement Ship The Great Escape Source Of Deluge
8 Radare Distress Im Argen Golden Antenna
9 Mäkkelä Crisis Last Of A Dying Breed 9pm
10 Palace Fever Flying Saucers Palace Fever Sing About Love, Lunatics & Spaceships Unique
11 Lewis And The Strange Magics Suzy's Room Velvet Skin Soulseller
12 Semantyka Tears For The Ground Of Germany (unreleased) (self-released)
13 Killen Birth Of A King Killen (Re-Release) Sonic Age
14 As Darkness Dies Black Death As Darkness Dies Pure Steel
15 Huntress Four Blood Moons Static Napalm
16 Vänlade Jaws Of Life Rage Of The Gods Metalizer
17 Gloryhammer Goblin King Of The Darkstorm Galaxy Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards Napalm
18 Bender Inside, Outside Bottom Line Finest Noise
19 Your Mind Is My Puppet Enough Is Enough Illuminate The Dark Thousand Times
20 No Need To Stay Antagonist Persona Obscura Timezone
21 The Physicists Being Normal My Love Is Dead Inverse
22 Suma Headwound Ashes Argonauta

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