Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 December 2015

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Triosphere Relentless The Heart Of The Matter AFM
2 Divided Multitude Only For You Divided Multitude Fireball / Indie / Nightmare
3 Fatal Impact Mind War Cancel Life Nadir
4 Harm Kvalt Devil Battlegod
5 Instigator Anabolic Bad Future Gates Of Hell
6 Black Blood Clarity Black Blood Inverse
7 Bone Gnawer The Female Butcher Canale Di Carneficina (EP) Metal Inquisition
8 Echelon Cadre Indulgence Over Abstinence Behind The Obsidian Veil Metal Inquisition
9 Jungle Rot Doomsday Order Shall Prevail Victory
10 Abythic The Dissolution Of Adam A Full Negation Of Existence (EP) Metal Inquisition
11 Bullet-Proof Chemtrails De-Generation Sleaszy Rider
12 Cage Ancient Evil Ancient Evil Sweden Music
13 Road Hzom A Kardot M.A.T.T. Edge / Hammer
14 Nasty Ratz Made Of Steel First Bite Sleaszy Rider
15 Eureka On The Run Great Escapes Silverware
16 Lion Shepherd Brave New World Hiraeth Glassville
17 Tundra Oblivion The Burning Fanatism Avantgarde
18 Bloodlash Spring, Devoured Rain (EP) Inverse
19 KZOHH IV Millas Al Das Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. No Colours
20 No Need To Stay Persona Obscura Persona Obscura Time Zone
21 No Need To Stay Antagonist Persona Obscura Time Zone
22 No Need To Stay Sands Of Time Persona Obscura Time Zone


No Need To Stay

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