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Upcoming Interviews

(bold characters mean it's a live interview)
18 March 2018 Godslave thrash metal from germany
  Neuronspoiler heavy metal from england
25 March 2018 Dusk Of Delusion nu metal from france
  Holy Terror speed thrash metal from the usa
1 April 2018 Lost In Pain heavy metal from luxembourg
  Rebellion power metal from germany
8 April 2018 Desdemonia death metal from luxembourg
  Y.Blues blues metal from france
15 April 2018 Jane Doe and the Black Bourgeoises noise rock from belgium
22 April 2018 Funeral Parade burlesque metal from france
29 April 2018 Listener spoken word rock from the usa
6 May 2018 Brain Damage speed metal from germany
13 May 2018 Cross X hardcore from germany
20 May 2018 Sick Of Society punk from germany
27 May 2018 J.B.O. parody metal from germany
3 June 2018 Pungent Stench death metal from austria