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Upcoming Interviews

(bold characters mean it's a live interview)
20 January 2019 Warpath thrash metal from germany
27 January 2019 Véronique de la Chanson indie power pop from germany
  Linn Koch-Emmery indie rock from sweden
3 February 2019 After Tank progressive rock from luxembourg
  Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters hard rock from wales
10 February 2019 Karin Rabhansl singer/songwriter from germany
17 February 2019 Señor Karōshi indie rock from germany
  Nanowar Of Steel heavy metal from italy
24 February 2019 Serrabulho grindcore / death metal from portugal
3 March 2019 Gates Of Paris symphonic power metal from france
10 March 2019 Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space horror punk from austria