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Upcoming Interviews

(bold characters mean it's a live interview)
5 April 2020 Pyogenesis alternative metal from germany
12 April 2020 Fractured Insanity technical death metal from belgium
19 April 2020 Edenbridge symphonic metal from austria
26 April 2020 Mike Litoris Complot death metal / grindcore from luxembourg
  Peter and the Test Tube Babies punk rock from england
3 May 2020 Gaylord black metal from england
10 May 2020 Jack Pott punk rock from germany
17 May 2020 Psychotic Waltz progressive metal from the usa
24 May 2020 Jonny Karacho punk rock for kids from germany
31 May 2020 Your Last Wish melodic death metal from canada
7 June 2020 Leecher symphonic metal from hungary
14 June 2020 Petra und der Wolf noise rock from austria
21 June 2020 Rammelhof hard rock from austria