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Upcoming Interviews

(bold characters mean it's a live interview)
21 April 2019 Grave Violator blackened thrash metal from finland
28 April 2019 Attika us metal from the usa
5 May 2019 Tėschegas minette metal from luxembourg
  The Nightmare Stage progressive power metal from the usa
12 May 2019 Paragon power speed metal from germany
19 May 2019 The Disliked ska punk from luxembourg
  Thronehammer doom metal from germany and england
26 May 2019 Seelenwalzer NDH from germany
2 June 2019 Linus Volkmann writer / music journalist from germany
30 June 2019 Daiwel's Vide-Grenier the best of the rest of the first half of 2019