21 LUCIFERS - In The Name Of…

21 Lucifers - In The Name Of…

18 songs
33:37 minutes
***** **


In 2002, five musicians, who all had gathered already a little experience in rehearsal room bands, came together as Gridlock, which was also the name of the first song they had written. As there were already many other bands sharing the same name, they decided to continue under the name 21 Lucifers. After two self-produced demos that collected mostly favourable reviews, the Stockholm based band was signed by Pulverised Records who are now releasing their debut In The Name Of….

The album contains eighteen tracks but is only a good half hour long. That made me think that we were in the presence of a grindcore band, but that’s not the case. 21 Lucifers are quite adept at performing their extreme metal in a very concise way, combining elements of thrash, death and black metal. The band convinces with neck breaking speed which especially on Violence seems to aim for a world record. Other highlights are the grind-like Hope Fades and the surprisingly atmospheric Despair. In between, 21 Lucifers always find some room for breaks and catchy hooks, this preventing boredom and making their CD a treat for every fan of extreme metal music.

21 Lucifers haven’t reinvented metal with their debut In The Name Of…, but their approach is so unpretentious and refreshing that you can easily forgive the lack of innovation. The short running time works also in favour of them. In The Name Of… is an ideal crash course in extreme metal for those who want to have a taste of that genre.

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