2ND DISTRICT - Poverty Makes Angry

2nd District - Poverty Makes Angry

12 songs
33:30 minutes
***** ****
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In 2005, Ruhr based band 2nd District formed itself out of the remnants of District and the Revolvers. Their debut Emotional Suicide followed one year later, and now they are back with their second album Poverty Makes Angry. The four musicians may not yet master the English language too correctly, but they definitely have found a liking for the British punk scene.

The Sex Pistols, a band that some deny having been a punk band, may still be the major influence for 2nd District. Their music furthermore contains a strong glam touch that reminds me a lot of The Sweet. They work partly with simple yet catchy choruses as we were so fond of with the Toy Dolls. The vocalist sounds like the young Feargal Sharkey from the Undertones. All these comparisons show that 2nd District are in good company. Their music is never complex and anything but innovative, but listening is still a great fun experience that should sound even better in a live setting. Highlight is Drinking (The Song) with its authentic arena atmosphere. Also entertaining is Sporting Socks & Sandals with a chorus that reminds me of Hubert Kah’s Sternenhimmel.

After a couple of spins and just as many beers, you cannot help yourself singing along. Poverty Makes Angry has everything you should expect from a melodic punk CD, making this a must-have for fans of the genre!

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