2Ton Predator - Boogie

12 songs
48:03 minutes
***** **

In 1999, 2Ton Predator from Sweden released a rather unspectacular CD called In The Shallow Waters which was nothing else than another Pantera clone. But the new CD shows an unexpected progression compared to their debut. The songwriting is on a much higher technical level, although 2Ton Predator are still playing crude power metal as you may know it from Crowbar. After the straight ahead opener and title track, the band shows with Duct Tape Story what the meaning of groove is. Although those heavy grooves often come back, the twelve songs on Boogie are extremely violent and kick some ass. Barking vocals fit in an excellent way with aggressive and powerful music. The album was produced by Tue Madsen, guitar player of Danish band Grope. Some people even say that 2Ton Predator are sounding like the very early Grope 7 or 8 years ago.

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