2TON PREDATOR - Demon Dealer

2Ton Predator - Demon Dealer

12 songs
40:09 minutes
***** **


Demon Dealer is the third album by the Swedish groove metal band 2Ton Predator. After twice listening, I somehow have the impression that the band is stuck in its musical development. Compared to their last CD Boogie, it's nearly impossible to hear any changes. 2Ton Predator still show a lot of affection towards bands like Crowbar, Pantera, Pro-Pain or Machine Head. The opener Slowly Slaughtered is the most brutal track on the CD and gives you the false impression that 2Ton Predator have become more extreme than in the past. But after only a few songs, you hear that they still are a band combining modern thrash parts combined with groovy, death'n'roll like attacks. Even if the CD is containing some real treasures like Pipeyard Killings or Bone Brigade, most parts on the album are just slightly above average. 2Ton Predator still have to do some progress concerning songwriting. Fans of the above mentioned bands may find this album very interesting. This shouldn't mean that Demon Dealer is a bad album, but it will be very difficult to become a spotlight in the big mass of weekly metal releases.

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