2ZUEINS! - Simsalaboom

2zueins! - Simsalaboom

6 songs
25:40 minutes
Finest Noise


2zueins! is a German band consisting of a guitar, bassist and drummer, all three of them sharing vocal duties. Since the late Nineties, they have been active in more or less unknown bands, finally coming together in 2005.

Their earlier full length CD is now followed by the EP Simsalaboom. The music can’t alas keep up with the funny title and lacks entertainment value. The six featured songs contain elements of pop, rock and some reggae, but the final result sounds too clean. The songs are just not edgy enough, and the cheesy lyrics furthermore help to flaw the overall image. The vocalists are not even half bad and remind of But Alive and Muff Potter, but once again a bit more power would not have come amiss. There is definitely potential, but the band doesn’t seem to know how to use it.

I don’t know what 2zueins! intend with their music. The quality of the songs are ok for some Schlager festival, advertisement backgrounds or elevator music, but to achieve more, they really have to add some punch and drive.

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