36 CRAZYFISTS - The Tide And Its Takers

36 Crazyfists - The Tide And Its Takers

11 songs
42:56 minutes
***** ****


36 Crazyfists from Alaska have been active since 1994 and have always been adept at masterfully combining metalcore and emo core. They haven’t changed their recipe on their fourth album The Tide And Its Takers, for which they changed their label from Roadrunner to Ferret. You’re still in for excellent dynamics between extremely heavy and catchy parts.

Already the opener The All Night Lights will set you in a state of ecstasy with their harmonic switching from angry screamo to perfectly arranged melodic choruses. It continues just as amazingly with We Gave It Heel, starting slowly and gaining momentum by the minute, ending in a droning doom ambience. The female guest vocalist on Only A Year Or So confers a skin crawling emotionality. Fans of metal ballads will get their kicks out of the beginning of Waiting On A War and the title track, which is the undisputed highlight on the CD.

Brock Lindow’s vocals are extremely varied, delivering everything from scream over shouts to clean singing. I could go on detailing the assets of every single song, but that would go beyond the scope of this review. The Tide And Its Takers is complex enough to allow for new elements to be discovered again and again, which makes this CD so interesting: it will take some time until you have unlocked every little secret.

36 Crazyfists have created an intensive masterpiece which deserves to get your attention. The production is ultra-fat, making sure that friends of extreme metal will be spoiled in a very special way.

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