3 - Wake Pig

3 - Wake Pig

13 songs
57:33 minutes
***** *****
Metal Blade


3 might be the most uninspired band name in the whole universe. 3 released 3 albums without a label before they were discovered by Metal Blade. Wake Pig is a re-release containing two bonus tracks and one re-recorded song from the original album.

Even more unusual than the band name is the music itself played by this New York based quintet. It is rather impossible to classify. The music isn't mellow enough to be pop. It isn't ordinary enough to be rock. And it certainly isn't metal. The songs contain elements of contemporary alternative metal, reminding me of Tool and Coheed and Cambria. This fits very well with the early 90s prog rock parts as played by Galactic Cowboys, King's X and Dead Soul Tribe. Even what we used to call funk metal (remember Mordred, Dan Reed Network) about fifteen years ago is reflected in 3's songs. The mood of the album constantly changes and it even contains spacy parts and weird structures à la Fantômas.

I'm surprised that Metal Blade has signed such a calm (or may I say soft) band. Although I have the bad reputation of preferring metal music, I admit that 3 know how to write beautiful songs with great choruses (Queen, Soul To Sell, Alien Angel, Trust,...). I haven't even had problems with their ballad Dogs Of War which really is sweet.

Wake Pig is a long journey of many different emotions and impressions. I just wonder how the audience will react to this bizarre experience. It's possible that every rock fan will discover great elements in the album, but the contrary could be possible, too. Maybe it's just too freaked out for the average taste. This album deserves the highest possible rating because it's something different, in an absolutely positive way.

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