3HM - Three Headed Monster

3HM - Three Headed Monster

8 songs
40:40 minutes


Three Headed Monster (a.k.a. 3HM) is a television block that airs programs for kids three times a week. But there’s also a heavy metal band sharing the same name. The three musicians play guitar, bass and drums, and do without a singer in their team.

The band used to be a four piece, but second guitar player Chris Cecchini recently left in order to start a wrestling career in Japan. Even if there are no lyrics, wrestling seems to be an important topic for them, with two titles making wrestling references: Perfect Plex used to be the finishing move by the late Mr Perfect Curt Henning, and Ultimate Rage is a tribute to former WWF champion and current conservative motivational speaker The Ultimate Warrior. 3HM’s Myspace site makes it clear that their main influences have been taken from the wrestling superstars of the Eighties.

Listening to 3HM’s debut feels like being back in the guitar heroes period made popular by Shrapnel Records about two decades ago. I don’t have any problems with traditional metal as I grew up with this kind of music, but I definitely prefer rock with vocals to pure instrumental rock. The music isn’t too bad and the technical abilities are flawless, but I can’t see much sense in a pure instrumental metal album. Non-vocal songs may be suitable for post rock as this music contains more playing liberties than heavy metal, but even there, instrumental music has in the meantime reached its limits.

3HM write classic metal songs, but there are many other bands that also do and maybe even a little better at that. Their songs don’t have much recognition value, and you don’t even notice when it’s all over, because your attention dropped sometime in between. 3HM have been active without a vocalist for about five years, but if they really want to get more recognition, they should consider a radical change. As long as there are so many bands playing great traditional metal, I don’t see why people should spend their time listening to a rather indistinct band like 3HM.

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