40 GRIT - Nothing To Remember

40 Grit - Nothing To Remember

13 songs
49:50 minutes
***** *
Metal Blade


About two years ago, 40 Grit released their debut Heads which was one of the best records mixing alternative and new metal influences. This description doesn't however suit to the second output called Nothing To Remember. Although 40 Grit can still be described as an alternative band, the new metal elements have vanished and been replaced by radio compatible rock music. Only the two first and the two last songs on the CD are heavier tracks reminding of the band's great past. Sandwiched between those songs is a huge range of mass compatible modern rock songs. The video edit Only Human or Last Time Around are not very much heavier than Nickelback or Coldplay. 40 Grit are of course miles better than the just named bands because band mainman James Santiago has a great voice, reminding me a lot of John Bush. But the songwriting is often only average and sometimes even disappointing (Because Of You, Nothing To Remember). It's a pity to hear what has become of 40 Grit, unfortunately they can't reach the same level as they did on their debut. Nothing To Remember is of course still quite a good rock album, but a deception compared to Heads.

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