69 CHAMBERS - War On The Inside

69 Chambers - War On The Inside

13 songs
55:46 minutes
***** ****


69 Chambers are a three-piece from Switzerland which has been active already since 2001, even if they only release their debut now eight years later. They consist of two women playing guitar and bass, and sharing vocals, and a male drummer who adds occasional growls.

It’s no easy task to categorise 69 Chambers’ music stylistically. Either they made the mistake of sitting themselves between the chairs, or they managed to turn War On The Inside into a precious product that will appeal to fans of many different genres. The aesthetically shot cover photo hints at the gothic camp, but that is only marginally true. Indie, pop, alternative rock and metal are merged in a unique and unusual manner that enthrals from the beginning. The clear voice of Nina Treml works wonders and enchants time and again. The songwriting covers many grounds and is full of variety. Some tracks combine gothic with trip hop and remind, thanks to the powerful vocals, of The Gathering. Other songs are more upbeat and upfront, not unlike the Nymphs, one of the most criminally underrated bands of the early Nineties. The band also doesn’t shy away from melancholic, atmospheric and acoustic parts, integrating those into their overall concept and working furthermore as welcome breaks. The final piece on the CD, A Ruse, is even an unplugged number.

War On The Inside is an interesting and mature album which, due to its composure and serenity, aims rather at a grown up audience. Although 69 Chambers self-released already an EP, I still can’t fathom why this great band took so long with their debut longplayer. There should be plenty of time to catch up with more quality music in the future.

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