7TH CIRCLE - Unsummon (Demo)

7th Circle - Unsummon (Demo)

5 songs
35:38 minutes
***** ****


Although 7th Circle from Belgium just split up, I recently received their five track EP which still is worth reviewing. The opener Unsummon is a beautiful gothic song with a cold and shivering atmosphere going deep under your skin. The clear female vocals will appeal to fans of The Gathering and Pale Forest. The next track Jade has a progressive touch due to a higher amount of keyboards. The bass playing also gives it a crimsonesque note. Again the vocals are absolutely convincing and singer Winnie Versmissen really reaches the same level as Anneke van Girsbergen. The third song Transience is running for nearly ten minutes and it's a very bombastic mix of progressive and goth elements. Finally the songs number four and five are the original and uncut/unedited versions of the two first ones. As the band doesn't exist anymore and as 7th Circle didn't have a label, I doubt that there are big chances to discover the record which is a pity. But if you should find it somewhere, get it! You won't regret it.

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