A.18 - Foreverafternothing

A.18 - Foreverafternothing

11 songs
27:21 minutes
***** *


A.18 stands for Amendment 18 and is either the law which introduced the prohibition nearly 100 years ago (and which was repealed only a few amendments later), or is a hardcore band from Southern California. It shouldn't come as a surprise then - with a name like that - that A.18 are straight edge. As the lyrics have been written in a very hard-to-read way, I decided not to read them and judge them on their music only.

The cover artwork which is depicting different way of how to commit suicide made me expect some weird new styled hardcore, which is why I was not only surprised, but also slightly disappointed to discover that A.18 play fast-paced old school hardcore where straight-forwardness is more important than technical finesse. By all means it is well done, but not in a too original way, so that I can't say that I will grow too fond of this album.

Foreverafternothing, A.18's second full-length album (and their first one on Victory Records) should appeal mostly to really, really angry people who still remember when that genre was called hate core, but if you prefer the more emotional side of hardcore, I suggest you look elsewhere for your audio food. 6 points only.

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