AAVIKKO - Back To The Futer

Aavikko - Back To The Futer

11 songs
38:36 minutes
***** ***


Aavikko from Finland are three strange musicians using mainly synthesizers and rhythm instruments on their new CD Back From The Futer. They like experimental music and try to discover new devices in electronical music. So the album begins with a stereo test for the listener to optimize the listening conditions. Quite short, but boring. The album gets of course much better with the second song Rosinante, a hectic and danceable song with a luna park atmosphere and funny vibes. This mix of luna park noises, science fiction b-movies themes and fast techno like dance rhythms is a theme that you find on several songs on this record. A wonderful track is Homo Futurus. It's difficult to describe, but it's a strange idea to use robot voices as an instrument. Aavikko don't care at all about musical conventions and often prefer hectic songs that are quite difficult to follow. Una Lira Soluzione and Wot Wot Neo Zulu which contains very chaotic free jazz parts are two good examples to underline their intentions. The album nearly only contains highlights, only the dreary ballad P-Piste doesn't fit into the concept of the album which is most of the time spreading a lot of positive energy.

Back From The Futer is no album which you will listen to several time in a row, at least not when you're sober. But it's very exquisite and occasional listening will be appreciated at a maximum taste.

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