ABANDON - The Dead End

Abandon - The Dead End

11 songs
106:24 minutes
***** ****
Black Star Foundation / Discouraged


Double albums seem to be mostly a thing of the past as most groups have rarely more to give than what fits on a single compact disc. Swedish band Abandon have been writing between 2002 and 2005 on the songs featured on their third album The Dead End. Shortly before the release of the album, their vocalist Johan Carlzon prematurely died at the age of 32.

This tragic event naturally reinforces the depressive nature of The Dead End. Feeling like a legacy and a requiem at the same time, the eleven tracks spread over the two CDs are full of mourning and despair. Abandon play the most devastating doom sludge metal I have ever heard. The sparse lyrics are so negative and self-destructive that, combined with their vocalist’s drug related demise, they give the music an even deeper dimension, showing that what you hear on The Dead End is probably very autobiographical.

Strangely enough only six of the eleven tracks feature vocals, especially the second CD comes with two longer instrumentals, on of them the nearly fourteen minute title track, and the concluding Eulogy, nearly nineteen minutes long, and starting with a seven minute long pump organ intro. That instrument is used throughout the album, adding to the gloomy atmosphere.

The Dead End is definitely not a pretty album, but doubtlessly one of the most sincere and therefore saddest I have come across in the doom metal sector. Those in search of really deep emotions will get their full load.

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