Abigail Shark - Demo

4 songs
12:54 minutes
***** ***


One day, out of nowhere, Abigail Shark entered the Luxembourgish music scene, and considering that their members are all in their Thirties, you can be sure from the start that they are not another emo, metalcore, punk or whatever band. Instead you get a panoply of people with different backgrounds that meet somewhere in the middle to perform some of the most interesting music that is coming from this small country at the moment.

Vocalist Beryl Koltz has made a reputation as a film director, and also won already some prestigious prizes. Bass player André Dziezuk has been composing scores for several movies. Drummer Rémi Grizard comes from a metal background. Guitarist Michel Welter is not an unknown person in the local underground music scene. So what should you expect from this wild bunch? The opener Hey already gives quite a good impression, with Beryl’s expressive, erotic vocals carried by Michel’s simple yet effective guitar work. The rhythm section cares for the necessary groundwork, so that the band doesn’t drift off into minimalist territories. The song has a memorable melody and refuses to leave your memory once it finds its way there. Down The River (A Little Cockroach’s Tale) is a gloomy ballad which opposes melancholic guitar pickings to whispering and howling vocals. Gives you goose bumps! Sex Bomb is an original cover version of the annoying Mousse T song. The demo ends with a tribute to Anita Lane, the Australian singer who collaborated with the likes of Nick Cave and Mick Harvey in the past. This should also give you a general idea of the band’s musical direction, although younger people make more sense of a certain PJ Harvey comparison.

As a demo, this is already very promising, as Abigail Shark are one of the few local bands who absolutely refuse to follow a trend and not only do what they want to do, but do it even with class. Eight points for this small teaser. Let’s hope a full length album will soon follow.

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