ABROGATION - Sarggeburt

Abrogation - Sarggeburt

13 songs
52:17 minutes


Abrogation from Magdeburg play a rather raw kind of metal infused with pagan and folk elements. Since their inception in 1995, they have self-released four CDs, the latest of which bore the appetising title Sarggeburt came out in 2009, before Twilight Records decided to re-release it.

Just like the album title, the music doesn’t sound very friendly either. A predominating gloomy and threatening tone is matched by harsh guitars, pounding drums and barking vocals. This is a good recipe for a couple of songs, but after a while it starts getting on your nerves. At times the band forces itself to insert a few melodic parts, but overall the songs are just too simple and not deep enough. Furthermore the production feels a little thin, with especially the drums sounding somewhat hollow. The lyrics are in German and deal with the dark aspects of the Middle Ages like torture, witch burnings and the likes. Towards the end the CD surprises with two goodies: Hans Eisenbeiss is a dark acoustic ballad that manages to set itself apart from the preceding sound mush, and the bonus track Eisenmütze pleases with its stronger folk influences and clean vocals.

All in all, this is not enough to make us forget the many weaknesses and average moments. Eisregen more or less play music not unlike this, but do it with more subtlety. Abrogation still have a long and rocky path ahead of them.

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