A DAY TO REMEMBER - For Those Who Have Heart

A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart

12 songs
42:45 minutes
***** ***


A Day To Remember from Florida were formed in 2003. After their debut release in 2005 on a small label which nevertheless sold 8.000 copies, they were signed by Victory and finally released their second output For Those Who Have Heart. As A Day To Remember like to combine brutal and chaotic hardcore parts with ultra-sweet melodies, they call this combination pop-mosh. The name may sound a bit silly, but it is an adequate description.

A Day To Remember have the right feeling for nice pop choruses, and they are still heavy enough to remain in the hardcore scene. Some tracks (The Danger In Starting A Fire, Show 'em The Hopes, A Shot In The Dark) are even so heavy that even metal core fans may like them. But their melodic side often takes the advantage and catchy songs like The Plot To Bomb The Panhole and Monument have a real nice pop appeal and suitable for single or video edits. The Price You Pay is a mellow and calmer track with dominating piano that makes the band even a possibility for mainstream radio stations.

The alternation between melodic riffs and extreme attacks is working well. The production is very clean and all vocals (screams, clean parts, gang shouts) aren't done badly either. The basics A Day To Remember are building on are maybe not too revolutionary, but For Those Who Have Heart has become a contemporary whatever-core album suitable mainly for a younger generation.

A Day To Remember aren't ready yet to be compared to similar working acts like Atreyu and Hawthorne Heights, but if you consider that they have less active years in their band history, I'm sure that further improvement is still possible. There is enough potential that they may one day become Victory's next big band.

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