AEON - Rise To Dominate

Aeon - Rise To Dominate

12 songs
45:10 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


Although Aeon is a death metal band from Sweden, they have a less melodic approach than most of their compatriots. Rise To Dominate is already their third album, and I have rarely listened to such a brutal piece of metal.

First of all, I appreciate that Rise To Dominate comes without an intro or an outro. The opener with the tongue-twisting title Helel Ben-Shachar has astonishing speed, contains brutal growls and shrieks, but also leaves room for mid-tempo parts. From here the album becomes more and more extreme. The shorter Hate Them is one of their most brutal tracks. Even if the music seems on a first level often nothing more than pure violence, it’s fascinating how well the melodic guitar riffs are working within. Aeon are blasting from song to song without taking any prisoners. Each track is a neck breaker, and even though a few pieces contain a little less aggressive parts, there’s no time for relaxing on Rise To Dominate. The similarly constructed first nine songs let the initial amazement disappear. Towards the end, there’s again solid improvement with my personal highlight There Will Be No Heaven For Me, a groovier track that contains orchestral passages as used by Celtic Frost more than twenty years ago. Luke 4:5-7 is a welcome track not providing maximum speed. The final No One Escapes Us has a monumental start and turns into a real doom song.

Most albums start better than end, but Aeon are working the other way around. I hope that the last quarter of the album may be a nod to their future. I really like brutal music, but the uncompromising art of Aeon is just too much for me as it doesn’t contain enough variation. The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, a guarantee for a first class sound.

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