AFTER ALL - This Violent Decline

After All - This Violent Decline

11 songs
38:41 minutes
***** ****
Dockyard 1


In early 2005, After All, our Belgian neighbours, released a solid thrash metal album that fascinated the DisAgreement team, probably out of nostalgic reasons. About one and a half years later, they release their next album The Violent Decline which isn't worse than its predecessor, but has of course lost the surprise effect as both albums aren't too different. But After All still don't follow any metal trends. This is already their sixth album, as they started making music in the late Eighties when they had to opportunity to support bands like VoiVod, Candlemass, Destruction and OverKill.

After All play solid melodic thrash metal setting you back to 1990 when Metallica and Megadeth started to diminish the aggressive parts in their music. The only difference is the better sound which is nowadays possible. The album was produced by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy) and mastered by Tue Madsen (Hatesphere). After All's music contains a strong retro feeling and they like big riffs, huge drum sounds, melodic guitars and raw vocals. This certainly isn't so original, but it has become quite rare in these days. Generally the songs are played at a high speed, even if there are some mid-tempo parts. And especially the more melodic parts make me often think of early Helloween and Blind Guardian releases. My personal favourites are Sacraments For The Damned and To Haunt You which show parallels to Holy Terror, probably the world's most underestimated metal band ever.

Of course, The Violent Decline doesn't contain the same smashers as the speed and thrash metal legends in the 80s used to write. But everyone who gets wet eyes when thinking of Heathen, Vicious Rumours,... should purchase This Violent Decline which is nevertheless a superb and energetic album. The CD also contains a video clip of Frozen Skin which is also the album opener.

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