A FURNISHED SOUL - Hope's An Open Window

A Furnished Soul - Hope's An Open Window

7 songs
24:45 minutes
***** ***


Some musicians really don't take the path of least resistance. If you remember Carefree, you know that they developed in their short lifetime from a fun emo-ska-punk band into a more sombre indie band. When their vocalist Jeff went to Scotland, he started his new project A Furnished Soul, which takes that direction even further.

The demo-CD Hope's An Open Window has only seven songs, but you have to listen many times to them before Jeff's vision makes any sense to you. It all starts out with a fragment called Epic (Part 1), before Le Char takes over. You will notice immediately that although the songs are mostly not very long, they always take their time to go where they need to. As an artist working mostly by himself, this helps to achieve a degree of introspection you probably couldn't get in a regular band. Mostly instrumental, only the melancholic Ode To A Treenymph and the comparatively aggressive War Among Us have some spoken voices added. Relax.Fax is a chill-out tune, and the only one that's with 6 minutes somewhat longer. Nur tote Fische schwimmen mit dem Strom ends the CD-EP in a more rocking fashion.

Hope's An Open Window is the logical next step you had to expect from this artist, and although this demo is not yet as accomplished as the second Carefree album, it already shows a lot of promise and a musical vision that's unparalleled. If you are into moody independent sounds, be sure not to miss out on this one.

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