AGRARIANS - A Body Through The Day

Agrarians - A Body Through The Day

14 songs
41:46 minutes
***** ***


Some artists just like to keep their reviewers busy. Uploading my first impressions of an Agrarians CD in early spring this year, we have not even reached autumn and I see myself having a take at already my fourth Agrarians album this year. Mr Perzinski, head and most of the time only member of Agrarians, can’t bridle his productivity, and although stylistically nothing really has changed on A Body Through The Day, I am happy that this time he managed to keep his ideas under one hour. Not that his music is bad, but this kind of introspective singer/songwriter music is nothing you listen to for your party entertainment. Instead you get a moody mixture of psychedelia and Christianity in a way that Jesus would certainly have highly approved of. The opener Love’s Storm Cloud, with a guest musician on organ, nearly takes two minutes of instrumental meandering before the vocals kick in, but then at the very latest the Agrarians are back to top notch form: lo-fi recording, two layers of guitar, one acoustic, one electric, and both maybe slightly out of tune, and rarely friends help him out with their talents.

A Body Through The Day is a point as good as any other to start your endeavour into Mr Perzinski’s music. I for my part like his skewed approach at songwriter music, with the electric components always elevating his music above cheesy campfire sounds. Of course, there is no glossy production, and the cover looks also very homemade, but that’s the charm of the Agrarians, releasing as many albums a year as most band do in their entire career. Friends of leftfield indie ballads are sure to get their kicks out of this.

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