AGRARIANS - Chauvinistas!

Agrarians - Chauvinistas!

11 songs
36:07 minutes
***** ***


Once known as the Library Anns, it’s not surprising that the Agrarians have a take at their music as it is fitting for archivists. Where most bands hardly release more than one album every eighteen months, Chauvinistas! is already the fourth Agrarians release this year, and more should come soon. Instead of fully worked out compositions, we are presented with sketches of songs that hint at the melancholic grandeur hidden inside themselves. Depending on your relationship with music, this can be extremely frustrating, or just as endearing, as some of the best ever artists never needed a whole orchestra to create their musical gems. We just have to think of Nick Drake and Syd Barrett.

Chauvinistas! consists of outtakes that were not used for their album Meet We The Medicine which was released on MT6 Records. This companion piece is logically self-released, and shows the Maryland troubadour from their accustomed side. The tracks are mostly carried by acoustic guitar and Matt’s sad vocals, although they keep care to use a few additional layers for the occasional percussion, bass guitar or even electric guitar solos.

The Agrarians are maybe a bit more laid back than usually this time, but Chauvinistas! is once again a testimony of the stark poetry which is at the core of their music. Earlier in their career, like last year, their CDs suffered often from over-length, but recently they focus on more compact running times, which makes their music far more accessible. The Agrarians use the means of lo-fi music but never neglect their songwriting. Chauvinistas! is another essential addition to their ever growing catalogue!

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