THE AGRARIANS - Live At WMUC (1.17.10)

The Agrarians - Live At WMUC (1.17.10)

12 songs
40:34 minutes
***** **


More than ten reviews in only four years should be proof enough of The Agrarians busy attitude towards music, and even if there hasn’t been a new album for half a year doesn’t mean that the lo-fi folk husband-and wife duo has been inactive, as they have been playing with a couple of other bands they are involved in.

Live At WMUC (1.17.10) is a live performance they recorded at the WMUC radio station in January, and consists of eight song plus four alternative mixes of the first four tracks. The first half hour of this CD comes with a really clean sound, and it’s obvious that playing live at a radio station is optimal for capturing the acoustic nature of their music. The charismatic, slightly nasal vocals are the focus of attention, but the guitar and the occasional female backing vocals have enough space to make this a pleasant listening experience. The alternative Kim Tabara mixes are internet-to-cassette transfers and come with a much scratchier sound, displaying the more down-to-earth lo-fi’ness of The Agrarians’ home recordings.

Those so far unfamiliar with the duo’s music might as well start here, because the album presents two different sides of The Agrarians, and even though forty minutes should be plenty for such unpolished folk music, it would have been nice to hear the entire set also in the bonus mixes. The songs may be the same, but as a matter of fact, the different production approaches make it a different and also worthy addendum.

People who don’t want music to sound like a million dollar endeavour will certainly be charmed by these unpretentious little folk gems.

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