AGRARIANS - Live Single Vol. II And Others

Agrarians - Live Single Vol. II And Others

9 songs
31:17 minutes
***** *


It’s only been two weeks since I last reviewed an Agrarians CD, and they are back already with a new release. Live Single Vol. II And Others collects nine songs that were recorded live at three different venues. Some of these songs come from the Baltimore Taper, a guy who maintains a blog with live recordings from Baltimore, Maryland. Mostly we get unreleased material, although it seems that four pieces were scheduled to appear on their last CD Chauvinistas! but then didn’t make it after all.

It is quite interesting to hear the Agrarians in a live setting. Although their studio efforts always keep a very low-key appearance, they still rely on subtle overdubs to create a richer sound. On stage, the Agrarians are Matt and Allison, where the former seems to be in charge of the acoustic guitar and his characteristic vocals, and the latter adding the touches (vocals, percussion) you normally get on the studio recordings. The songs end with applause of the sparse audience that indicates that the Agrarians are still quite an underground band.

The featured songs are in no way of lesser quality than those of the studio recordings, but I remain with a lower rating due to the following reasons. First of all, a live document should be longer than half an hour only, especially when the band has been recording several show. Another point of criticism is the sub-optimal mastering where I caught myself quite often adjusting the volume of my stereo. Apart from that, it was quite instructive, after having reviewed so many of their CDs, to be able to hear them this way. The Agrarians are quite a confident live act, and it needs to be wished that they will be able to release a sequel that eliminates the faults of this document.

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