AGRARIANS - Taking The Vixens Out

Agrarians - Taking The Vixens Out

17 songs
63:08 minutes
***** ***


When children are hyperactive, you prescribe them Ritalin. When adult show the same symptoms, you better give them a guitar, a microphone and recording equipment. Taking The Vixens Out is already the third Agrarians review I write for this year, and according to their website, many more are scheduled to be released before the year ends.

Stylistically not that much has changed since their last release. The Agrarians are more or less the brainchild of one man who delivers his ballads in truest troubadour fashion, feeling at times like immersed into a Syd Barrett universe. What makes The Agrarians’ music so interesting is that the basic acoustic guitar and vocal singer/songwriter elements are often enhanced by distorted electric guitars that add a touch of sadness. Although most of the tracks can be considered solo recordings, there are a few guest that offer their talents on electric guitar, keyboards and vocals.

The recording is of course again very lo-fi, but just like with early Guided By Voices albums, this helps to emphasise the authentic atmosphere of the music. Apart from the last track, which is a longish and not very entertaining electronic experiment, you get an hour full of gloomy underground balladry that will not disappoint fans of their earlier works. Those not familiar yet are invited to take a visit to their homepage and listen to the excerpts. If you like anything from Jandek to Elliot Smith, this might be your thing. And I am looking forward to hear more of these busy artists.

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