THE AGRARIANS - That New, Olde Timey Feele

The Agrarians - That New, Olde Timey Feele

10 songs
30:56 minutes
***** ***


Two months after the precursor EP That New, Olde Timey Feele, Pt. II, The Agrarians are back with the regular album, simply titled That New, Olde Timey Feele. With ten songs, it’s only eight minutes longer than its predecessor. Considering that the songs have all been recorded in the same time period, you may wonder why they didn’t just make this a longer record, especially since they used to longer CDs in the early days of their career.

That doesn’t change the fact that Matt Perzinski is still refining his skills, carefully maintaining his self-imposed lo-fi aesthetics yet adding lead guitar, bass lines and percussion to his songs which are carried by simple guitar chords. The hypnotic vocal delivery is still located firmly in the centre of attention, only the slightly longer The Decline Of Valentine allows musical meandering.

So soon after my last Agrarians review, it’s hard to come up with new things to report. They still sound like Luddites reluctantly using electricity to craft their small narrations that smell of rural idylls. That New, Olde Timey Feele is a beautiful little album, invoking with an ironic nod a country long since drowned in the sands of time. Their Myspace page should give a fair impression of what to expect, and it should be expected that their self-created CDs are sold at a very customer-friendly price.

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