AHKMED - Chicxulub

Ahkmed - Chicxulub

10 songs
64:06 minutes
***** ***


Formed about ten years ago in Melbourne, Australia, Ahkmed have so far managed to release only four self-produced EPs that never made it past their targeted audience, and then only if they were really looking hard to find their rare outputs. I doubt that Chicxulub, a compilation consisting of songs from their last two releases, will make them stars overnight, but the awesomely presented digipak should make this album a must-have for the more demanding stoner rock fan.

The first four tracks have been taken from the In Your Neck Of The Dying Woods EP (2005) and show Ahkmed from their more epic side, starting with the ten minute mammoth track Kirrae, where the quartet (meanwhile shrunk down to three people) combines stoner elements with post rock and a heavy psychedelic / krautrock flair. The following Ilanesia emphasises the post rock ingredient, setting them into the neighbourhood of Mogwai, although the reverbing guitars hint at Amon Düül II. Only T=0 adds a little vocals, although the six selections from the Ahkmed EP (2003) feature more lyrics, especially Viceroy which is a downright tribute to Hawkwind. In fact Ahkmed’s earlier material is heavier and fuzzier, setting them closer to Nineties stoner rock bands like Kyuss and Monster Magnet.

The recording quality is very organic and yet also transparent, and somehow it’s a loss for this band to play nowadays only with one guitarist, as these archive recordings highlight that it’s especially the interplaying of the two fuzzy guitars which make for the charm of their music. Chicxulub is an ideal way to get in touch with this yet rather unknown heavy fuzz psychedelic post stoner rock band from down under which is currently working on its regular debut longplayer. Expect more sun-drenched desert rock from Ahkmed in the future.

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