A Hundred Times Beloved - Antarctic Sunrise

9 songs
36:04 minutes
***** **


It’s the middle of August and barely 14 degrees outside, so I may just as well listen to A Hundred Times Beloved’s second longplayer Antarctic Sunrise. The Bavarian three-piece started as a bedroom laptop and guitar project but has developed in the meantime into a band with real instruments. On their new album, it is still obvious that they are in an intermediate stage where their cooled down indietronica roots are toying with a more rocking band sound. A Hundred Times Beloved are borrowing on many fronts. Parallels to the more famous Bavarians The Notwist come to mind, but there’s also hints of British showgazing and even sometimes sweet melancholy the way we know it from Mercury Rev.

After a short intro, Antarctic Sunrise presents eight understated pop songs that sometimes erupt with loud guitars, although they generally tend to stay in more moderate waters. It’s this juxtaposition of mellow electro pop and distorted guitar attacks that makes for the frosty charm of this album. A Hundred Times Beloved don’t write yet the big hits but then this is still a rather young band that has managed to come forth with an album of entertaining little electro guitar pop music that holds a lot of promise for the future.

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