AIDEN - Conviction

Aiden - Conviction

11 songs
36:58 minutes
***** ***


Aiden’s second album Nightmare Anatomy was an energetic work somewhere between emo rock, wave pop and punk. The re-release of their debut Our Gang’s Dark Oath diluted my favourable reception, but their new CD Conviction brings Aiden back on the right track, even if the five musicians still add too much emphasis on their trendy looks that are only marred by baby fat faces from some of their members.

The album starts with a dark piano intro accompanied by some vocal lines before She Will Love You, a great melancholic emo rock song, displays lots of pop appeal. The band is rocking on Teenage Queen but slows it a little down on Hurt Me. One Love and Bliss have Eighties roots reminding me of U2 and The Cure. Moment shows Aiden from a faster side. Darkness is the album’s weakest track with no real dynamics developing. The situation improves with the dramatic Son Of Lies which shows parallels to My Chemical Romance. Believe proves that Aiden are not afraid of harder guitars and the final track The Sky Is Falling is a little too mellow for my taste.

Aiden are different from most emo bands, and even though not every song on their new album is a winner, I respect very much their testosterone-free kind of songwriting. The music emphasises catchy choruses, and the chances aren’t bad that Conviction could become a hit as it is an interesting and refreshing album that satisfies the expectations of pop, punk, rock and emo fans.

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