AIDEN - Nightmare Anatomy

Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy

11 songs
40:17 minutes
***** ***


Aiden were formed in Seattle in 2003 and have so far been a rather busy band. Their debut Our Gangs Dark Oath was released in 2004 and only one year later, it was time for their second record Nightmare Anatomy. The band name is taken from Aidan Keller, the character of the nine year old boy who could talk to a dead girl in the horror movie "The Ring".

Aiden's music is fortunately less spooky than this terrifying movie. The five musicians, who should use less make up and hair gel to look less ridiculous, use classic ingredients for making music, but the mixture of the different elements works well. Screamo vocals are joined by regular, melodic vocals. The music is a melting pot of hardcore, uptempo melodies and snotty punk. Although there's nothing really new on the record, it is never boring because Aiden add enough variation on their Victory debut. Wonderful singalong songs like Die Romantic, Unbreakable and This City Is Far From Here stand next to angrier stuff like the opener Knife Blood Nightmare and Enjoy The View. Emo fans will adore Genetic Design For Dying and Breathless. The punk anthem Goodbye We're Falling Fast is targeted at the fashionable punk kiddies.

Nightmare Anatomy isn't revolutionary, but certainly worth listening to because of its inspired take on modern hardcore music. As a bonus, the CD contains an informative video feature about the band which you can watch on your computer if you have installed a flash player.

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