AKARUSA YAMI - Ouroborous

Akarusa Yami - Ouroborous

6 songs
22:48 minutes
***** ****


The Japanese name is misleading, considering that metalcore band Akarusa Yami come from Nottingham in England. Their first EP Ourobouros offers six tracks that are anything but usual.

Akarusa Yami will release their record only in September, but they started their promotional work already months before and offered already two advance tracks on their Soundcloud page. The band is labelling their EP a metallic tour de force, which makes sense under the circumstances. Partly their music reminds of Meshuggah, but their modus operandi is different enough to prevent them from being dismissed as copycats.

The EP starts with the band’s first single Millennium Is My Salvation, a downright smasher full of speed attacks and mixed brutal and clean vocals. The clean parts occasionally are a little askew but also add to the band’s charm. The enormously complex guitar parts are just as amazing as the precise rhythm section. Five of the six tracks are surging full force ahead, with the hectic/hysterical Day (1) being the EP’s standout track. Only Change Reflects is a quiet acoustic number that allows for some respite in the middle of this sonic onslaught.

Akarusa Yami prove with Ourobouros that they are a musically impeccable band which is able to create excellent songs. If they can top this in the future with equally bright material, we can be looking forward to a splendid, new promising band from the UK. Until then, let’s consider this EP as a teaser for more great things to come.

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