ALCHIMIE - Advance

Alchimie - Advance

3 songs
12:10 minutes
***** **


Up 'til now, the French city Nancy was mostly known for having with Orwell one of the most interesting chamber pop bands worldwide. It's therefore not surprising that this debut EP from Alchimie is also a piece of respectable pop music. In fact, this young four-piece uses many labels to describe their music: metal, ska, funk, rock, pop. Sure, the influences are there, but it is most rock-tinged French chanson (in a way), which works best when the mood is more serious as with the long Terroriste terrorisé (best song on this CD) and Portées disparues (femmes sans visage), and less well with the opener Zé Glisse which combines a mellow acoustic part with a faster punk-influenced middle-part. As you may deduce correctly from the song titles, Alchimie sing in French which is works well with the melodic voice of their singer. Sometimes you wish that his voice had a little more kick, but then the combination of acoustic and electric guitars within a song gives much depth to the music.

This is only a three track advance, and Alchimie are still newcomers, but as it is, this is already quite a promising release which should appeal to people into melodic rock music.

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