ALCHIMIE - Juste un destin

Alchimie - Juste un destin

12 songs
46:53 minutes
***** **


Two years after the release of an advance CD, Alchimie from Nancy in France finally released their debut album Juste un destin, containing the three tracks known so far.

The album isn't so different from the advance. Alchimie play very nice pop music powered up with different influences like rock, metal, funk, ska and folk. Alchimie never hide their French origins as they sing in their native language, and the French chanson aspect can be heard in different songs. The highlight still is Terroriste terrorisé, a cool rock song already known from the advance. Ze Glisse, another older track, is a catchy mixture of folk and punk. But there are of course also new songs on the record that convince me very much: the rocker Au milieu de tout, the mid-tempo title track and the longer Extraversion which often changes its mood. The melodic components always play an important part in their music.

Especially the vocals are always very clear, making you understand every word. The lyrics are important, with most of them being about social injustices like poverty, misery or fascism. These topics are sometimes asking for a more aggressive attitude, which the clear vocals prevent. Most songs work well, the exceptions being Le mystère des guerriers de la mer and Le jour mort, but the instrumentation seems often too mellow.

Alchimie are still newcomers and there is no reason to be ashamed about their first output. It's very respectable for a debut and with some more experience and a more direct approach, I'm pretty sure that improvement will be imminent.

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