ALEX MASI - In The Name Of Mozart

Alex Masi - In The Name Of Mozart

7 songs
44:09 minutes
Lion Music


Alex Masi first became a household name for all fans of guitar music in the late 80s, when in the wake of the Shrapnel school, he was the first major solo guitar player to emerge from Italy. It speaks for Masi's determination that after nearly 20 years he is still around, and a look at his stunning discography shows that he hasn't been idle all those years.

In the early 2000s, he released an album of interpretations of Bach pieces on guitar, an album which I never heard though. The follow-up to this album is called In The Name Of Mozart, and showcases seven Mozart pieces played on acoustic guitar and electric bass guitar. Only the ten minutes long centrepiece Piano Concerto has been enhanced by the Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra. While all the other songs sounds like classical studies on acoustic guitar, the concerto is the one piece aiming at a more traditional classical direction, like Alex Masi soloing on his guitar together with a symphonic orchestra.

This is definitely not a heavy metal or hard rock album. Unlike many other guitar players who metallise classical pieces, Alex Masi stays true to the spirit of Mozart. I am not that familiar with his works (though I am not that much of a barbarian not to recognise Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), so I am not the one to tell you if this is well done or not. I guess it is though, but I suggest you better watch out for reviews on classical music sites. They might know better what to do of this. Don't expect me to rate this.

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