A LIFE ONCE LOST - A Great Artist

A Life Once Lost - A Great Artist

9 songs
33:51 minutes
***** **


It is good to hear that not every new band has to jump on the metalcore bandwagon. A Life Once Lost from Philadelphia, a rather untypical city for extreme music, have a very progressive take on their metallic hardcore music, and not only I have been thinking more than once of Swedish aggro prog kings Meshuggah. Angular guitar chords, rhythm shifts, tortured screamo vocals, eased with some atmospheric moments, it's all there.

A Great Artist is therefore not a very original album, but the incredible playing skills have a charm of their own, and as there are currently not too many bands active in that genre, we can forgive this little act of cloning. Apart from a short instrumental in the middle of the album, which comes as a welcome break, there's a true thunderstorm of prog thrash raining down on the listener.

Unfortunately the CD booklet fails to mention that A Great Artist is a re-release, from A Life Once Lost's second album from 2003. It sounds very modern and still fresh, but in my opinion it's a bit of a shame to sell an old album at full price, especially as it's only meagre thirty-four minutes short. Fans of complex extreme metal should still risk an ear.

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