American Lead Guitar - Ultra Infra

10 songs
36:29 minutes
***** **


The band name is misleading: this band is neither from the United States (but from Germany) nor do they play some kind of pretentious arena rock. The opener Art Must Destroy is distorted post punk inspired by the Dead Kennedys, showing what kind of lead guitars had them influenced. The following Six Eyed Genius is noisy and dark, with a lot of effects, sounding like a duet of Glenn Danzig with Pere Ubu. Hot'n'Scared begins exactly like The Who's The Real Me and is the first straighter song on the record. Especially the female backing vocals leave a nice impression. But there's not much time to relax on the album which continues with a dirty blues song (Red Carpet Ride).

After four songs, I started getting a bit nervous as the songs are sounding too different from one another. American Lead Guitar don't sound like a band, but like a compilation. The songs are quite difficult to follow and not always easy to digest. There is doubtlessly a certain amount of talent behind this German newcomer band, but I think it would be wiser to concentrate on fewer different styles and to develop those further. Especially the post punk songs are working best on the album while the two bluesy tracks don't fit at all.

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