ANAND - Joy 4 Ever

Anand - Joy 4 Ever

11 songs
56:18 minutes


One thing's for sure, guitar wizard Anand has an interesting background: the son of Indian parents, Anand was born in the small South American country Surinam, and moved on to Holland in his early childhood. Starting to play the guitar in his early adolescent life, it was only after a Joe Satriani concert that he knew that he wanted to play instrumental guitar music.

Like many of his contemporaries, Anand has recognised that the Eighties are over and that a guitar album needs more than pure finger gymnastics. In fact Joy 4 Ever is dedicated to very melodic guitar rock music. The rhythm is guaranteed by nobody less than Mike Terrana, who is probably the most asked for session drummer at the moment. Also interesting are the keyboards on Get Laid even provided by Derek Sherinian of Dream Theater fame. The strong use of keyboards set this album apart from many other instrumental works where the ego of the six stringer is often too grand to let any other player unfold his talents.

Now you may ask why I still only give 5 points. Anand may have had good intentions, but the songwriting may need more refinement. He owes too much to Satriani, without ever reaching his idol's gift for gripping melodies. Sure, what we hear on this CD is very melodic, but it is more like a breeze that just passer over you than a storm that catches you with its force.

If you like melodic guitar music, you may even enjoy this as a non-player, as the band never tries to play over your head, but of course this is a genre that aims at a very limited number of people.

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