Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai - Horror Punks EP

7 songs
***** ***
Rack & Ruin


Two weeks ago, I wrote a review for Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai’s EP Sweetness And Light which was released on Bearsuit Records. Now they are already back with a new EP called Horror Punks, this time released on the equally obscure Rack & Ruin Records. This three-piece consisting of a musicians from Japan, England and Scotland who record music in a long-distance way without every actually seeing one another is not hyperactive, but decided to split their music on two different records. While the last one contained their mellower material, this new companion piece contains seven shorter tracks that display the artists’ experimental side.

Less song orientated, already the opener starts as an introspective avant-garde collage with melodic Japanese vocals, before its last minute is dedicated to distorted guitar driven noise rock. The following title track, slightly longer than one minute, is an even more extreme song that reminds me of the insanity of Guitar Wolf. This is all the punk you will get though, but the remaining tracks are hardly more straightforward. Instead you will find every possible influence, sometimes all mixed together in one track, but if you pay really hard attention, you might discover the beautiful pop melodies that are hidden underneath.

Beginners better start with the more accessible Sweetness And Light, and if you really come to like that one, you might also want to have a take at Horror Punks that throughout its short running time feels like an unpolished diamond. Would it have been a good idea to collect the material of the two EPs on one regular longplayer? In this case I doubt it, because both stand as works on their own, and while Horror Punks is anything but an easy listening experience, I had a great time discovering new elements inside their stylistic melange whenever I gave it another chance.

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