ANCIENT CREATION - Evolution Bound

Ancient Creation - Evolution Bound

9 songs
49:54 minutes
***** ***


Did someone turn back the clock, let’s say about twenty years into the past? This is the moment where you absolutely will not say “We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto”, because the mid-Western metalheads from Ancient Creation have this antique approach to metal you can only expect from US bands outside the common music centres. Evolution Bound is only their debut, but the five-piece offers already proficient power metal as if they had been doing this all their lives. But then they don’t look that young anymore, so it must be assumed that they have gathered years of experience in previous bands.

To keep things from becoming repetitive, Ancient Creation take occasional excursions into genres like thrash and progressive metal. With a singer who has one of those melodic yet powerful voices, and a guitar tandem that reminds Iron Maiden at the height of their career, there is nothing to object about the technical abilities. The songwriting is still a bit shaky at times. Although there are no fallouts, most of the material is rather complex and needs many attempts until you finally grasp them.

A common complaint is the not very contemporary production. If you still get back occasionally to your Eighties Shrapnel records and enjoy them despite the rather thin sound, then you won’t have a problem with Evolution Bound either. I prefer dedicated playing to a glossy sound that hides a band’s incapacities. It also needs to be pointed out that no European band will ever be able to reproduce this style of power metal which seems to have evolved in the USA sometimes in the mid-Eighties, and was watered down later in Europe with symphonic flavourings, destroying thus the testosterone filled metal it started out to be.

Evolution Bound is anything but original, but Ancient Creation pay respectfully tribute to their metal forefathers on their debut, and every fan of US power metal will certainly get their kicks out of this album.

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