ANCIENT NECROPSY - Deformed King's Mummification

Ancient Necropsy - Deformed King's Mummification

11 songs
31:08 minutes
***** *


Anybody who sees that this album was released on Goregiastic knows that the chances are high that we get another Colombian death metal assault. Ancient Necropsy is not a band though, but the project of a guy named Ivan who played all the instruments and also did the artwork for the album. I don't know if the drums are programmed or actually played by Ivan himself, but if the latter is the case, he must have used some heavy triggering.

Deformed King's Mummification is a very extreme death metal album, the ten songs plus intro are hammered down in a short half hour, with the drums setting a serious pace and the grunting vocals giving the music is a true American East Coast sound. The guitars are played with a lot of technical finesse, which should make this album a good investment for friends of music like Dying Fetus, Suffocation and Immolation.

The main problem is the production, with the vocals somehow hovering over the mix, and the constant pressure of speed making it truly hard to enjoy the intelligent guitars the way they deserve. This is still a good album, a bit on the short and fast side maybe, but certainly one that deserves to find its admirers.

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