ANDRE MORAES - No Coração Dos Deuses

André Moraes - No Coração Dos Deuses

14 songs
35:16 minutes

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This album has been hyped quite a lot lately, because of the involvement of Igor Cavalera and Andreas Kisser, better known for their work with Sepultura. So what is this ominous No Coração Dos Deuses album? In fact nothing else than the original motion picture soundtrack (that's the way to say it?) for the same named movie. I am not getting into the movie now, as it came out in Brazil in 1999 and never even saw the light of day in Europe.

Somehow though, word of mouth made it known over here that two Sepultura members helped film composer Andrea Moraes with the music for this film. But don't expect too much thrash here, as it is still a real movie soundtrack, and therefore uses the means we all know so well. There's a mix of typical atmospheric film music (the music you hear when they have landscape scenes for instance), some ethno touches that remind actually of the folkiness of some thrashless Sepultura (remember Kaiowas) plus some song material. Most interesting (but not best) is Procura O Cara where jack of all trades Mike Patton does the vocals. Sounds like Sepultura meets Faith No More. The best song (in my opinion) is Martírios, where Henrique Zumpichiatti from the Brazilian thrash metal band Infierno (also starring... Andre Moraes, what a surprise) is doing the vocals. That song blends the Brazilian roots in a very thrashy atmosphere.

Sepultura fans really should get this album, although apart from one thrashy instrumental song plus two regular songs, there's not much noise here, although it is very interesting and even very good music. People interested in South American culture should be interested too. No rating, as it is hard to make a just rating for a soundtrack, but this is worthy to be listened to many times over and over again.

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