ANDTHEWINNERIS - The Punch And Judy Show

Andthewinneris - The Punch And Judy Show

12 songs
42:54 minutes
***** ***


Mixing elements of pop, punk and emo isn't an original idea, but Andthewinneris from Hannover, Germany are nevertheless able to combine these elements into a more than decent debut album. The album lives from a solid production, variation concerning the songwriting and very clear vocals that never annoy. A broad range of songs are melodic emo tunes with a certain hit potential. Especially Ice Cream Is Not My Final Answer is one of the best songs I've ever heard in that genre. I would like to pick out some more great songs, but they always have so long titles.

Andthewinneris also dare to rock. This Is The Dumbest Vacation I've Ever Been On and Do Lunch Or Be Lunch contain hard rocking guitars, and Between You And Me And The Fencepost even is a pure hardcore song. The ten first songs on the record convinced me without any exception. At this point, the band should have stopped, but unfortunately the two last tracks are really disappointing. Tiger Food is a very boring acoustic ballad and We're Looking At An All-Time Low In Popularity Here is a slow emo hymn that sounds a bit too banal. At least you may say that there are a lot of ideas behind Andthewinneris who have released a 5 track EP with new songs only 4 months after their debut.

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