ANGEL Blake - Angel Blade

Angel Blade - Angel Blade

10 songs
44:42 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


After the split of his band The Crown, Marko Tervonen decided to continue writing music, but he didn't intend to ride on The Crown's huge popularity. So Angel Blake started as a solo project where he played all instruments. But as he knew that he could do everything except singing, he gave this part to Tony Jelencovich (ex-Transport League).

Maybe some readers know that Angel Blake is a song on Danzig's 2002 album 777 I Luciferi. And a comparison with Danzig gives you already a global impression of what to except on this record. The aggressive and fast parts we knew from The Crown have nearly vanished at all. Angel Blake gives more importance to melancholic and dark elements, without risking to become as soft and trendy as HIM for instance are. The songs on Angel Blake can be compared to Amorphis, Sentenced, Paradise Lost, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and of course Danzig. Especially Thousand Storms gives you this latter impression. Solitude, My Friend and ...Til The End are two doomish songs that remind me of Trouble. The only lame track is Paint It Black because this classic by The Rolling Stones has already been covered often enough. And as Angel Blake know how to write good own songs, I can't see any sense in covering a track where white collar blues cracks would jerk off.

Angel Blake is never too extreme or offensive, and the album will please metal and rock fans alike. Angel Blake doesn't try anything too original on the album, but it left me quite satisfied. By the way, Angel Blake has meanwhile become a band consisting of the two aforementioned musicians, another ex-Crown musicians and two members from Mnemic respectively Scar Symmetry. This team should have a bright future in the music business.

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